• B.A. Concord University- 2008
  • Certified Medical Manager
  • Employed by OCV 2002-present
  • MGMA member
  • AAOE member
  • WVAOE member
  • Membership Council for AAOE

Brittany Powers, Office Manager

We are proud to have Brittany manage our office. She is truly a working manager. Her journey to manager began with answering the phone, scheduling appointments, and virtually every other task in our

“I know how frustrating it can be for our patients. We’ve streamlined the process to make things as efficient as humanly possible, given the volumes of data we must now collect to comply with government
regulations and complex insurance company rules.”

Brittany accepted her position facing known problems of long patient wait times. She worked with a team of experts from nationally recognized Stryker Performance Solutions to revamp front and back office
processes. “Few patients understand how much we now must do as a result government mandates and complex insurance company regulations. At OCV, we’ve implemented front office and back office
changes to meet government and insurance requirements as efficiently as possible for our patients. We’ve positioned our practice to be here for our patients today and tomorrow.

Brittany has particular interest in staff development to improve patient service. She is active in the AAOE, a national organization of orthopedic office mangers dedicated better orthopedic practice
management. She is also an Ortho Activist, advocating for our patients in medical Congressional reforms. Married with 3 children.